Augmented Reality for Interactive Travels & Tourism

AR-enabled Travels and Tourism

Augmented Reality-enabled Apps for travels and tourism enable the service provider to promote the destinations in ways that the client - the tourist or traveler - can easily relate to in terms of preference, value, interests, highlights etc.; they help eliminate surprises and disappointments.

Augmented reality (AR) technology, makes it possible to layer digital enhancements over an existing reality or real life scenario. For tourism, this means that booking sssr hotel, accessing information while you're there, navigating around your destination, translating written or spoken signs or conversations, and locating dining and entertainment options can all be done simply through an app on your mobile devices.

Interactive, Virtual Hotel Room Selection and Booking

AR makes it possible for you to take virtual tours of your chosen hotel selections, and check out the amenities like restaurants, spa, and pool as well. This makes it very easy to see where you will be staying, and select a hotel that will best suit the plans you have during your stay.

Quick, Easy Access to Information

Travelling is an amazing experience, but it takes you to a place that is likely very unfamiliar to you, so access to all the information you need as you go about your travels is vital to your enjoyment and safety. Since AR is available from your mobile devices, it makes access to information both portable and simple. This means that as you're on the go, you can find information and reviews about nearby locations, locate Wi-Fi hotspots, and even get a real-time weather forecast.

Reliable, Real-Time Navigation

Finding your way around in an unfamiliar town or country can be very challenging and frustrating. AR elevates typical navigation maps by adding digital elements such as arrows and other helpful direction and information to the map. The AR-enabled App helps you navigate the public transport in the country of visit. This enriches your experience, and simplifies the directions, making sure that you can get around easily to all your desired destination during your trip.

Easy Translation Capabilities While Abroad

If your travels take you abroad, into a country where you have a limited understanding of the predominant languages spoken there, augmented reality can make translations simple and effective to enhance your experience and understanding. Using AR-enabled Apps, you can scan printed materials such as signs or menus and have them translated into your chosen, native language.

Access to Interactive Dining and Entertainment Choices

Dining and entertainment options are important to anyone planning a trip away from home. Using augmented reality technology, you can take virtual tours of restaurant locations, and even peruse virtual menus to help you make your dining decisions while you're traveling. You can also access mobile coupons, and reserve your table in advance so you don't have to wait or miss out on trying out new dining experiences.

AR technology also changes how you can find and experience local attractions, culture and entertainment. Using apps powered by AR, you can not only research and navigate to the places you wish to visit, but you can experience them in a much more meaningful way with digital overlays containing interactive information about the culture or history of the site. For example, when visiting a museum, you can scan or take photos of exhibits, and bring them to life with AR, with interactive information and games.

Tourism is a booming industry that enables people to explore, experience, and enjoy destinations and cultures other than their own. As a traveler, you can use augmented reality technology for choosing your destinations and activities before and while you travel, and ultimately experience planning and travelling in a much more interactive and enriching way that will feel like a journey all its own. VIVE can undertake to develop and produce the AR-enabled Apps that suit your objectives for specific travel destinations and/or tourism emphases.