Technical Competence

AR or Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) enables users to experience the world around them as is, but with the enhancement in the form of additional layers of digital content over and above Reality such as images, sound, video and text. Such contents information that is available and relevant to the user's specific situation at the time.
We believe that AR should be an integral part of your everyday experiences, enabling you to enjoy what the real world has to offer but also enriching it by presenting relevant digital content additionally. We focus on creating a human-centric, contextual experience that is intricately connected to the user's specific needs in the moment. AR is typically experienced through apps on smartphones, tablets or digital eyeglasses. Great value proposition of AR is made in all spaces of human endeavors and activities including notably

Industries and Augmented Reality

Medicine and Health Care
Commerce in consumer markets
Industry - plant maintenance
Building and Real Estate in architectural designs
Interior Design and Decor
Retail - on-line fashion clothing and accessories, eye glasses etc.
Travel industry

About ARA2Z™

We are VIVE FZE, a unit of the TEO Group of companies that include Ecocarrier Inc. that is well-established in the design and development of telecom technology, solutions and service platforms for the telecom service provision for wholesale call termination and for managed services for retail telecom service sales operation in worldwide markets.

VIVE FZE's main focus is in the design, development, promotion, distribution and sale of AR-enabled interactive Apps that immensely enhance the introduction and propagation as well as production and productivity of operation and management of various kinds of personal and business activities..

The technical competence of the company consists of a core team of highly skilled developers in Apps and other kinds of software development and gifted graphic designers working with and lead by CEO and CTO of the company who have many years of experience and proven successes in product innovations and service production in the ICT space.

The company has the strategic partnership and alliance and support of companies who are leaders in the AR and VR space and the support of computer scientists in digital disciplines currently teaching and/or doing research in related fields of investigation, experiments and development.