Presence in Mixed Reality

MRESENCE or Presence in Mixed Reality is an Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR) / Mixed Reality (MR)-enabled solution made available as managed service provision from a cloud-based MRESENCE Service Platform to provide the best knowledge-based (AR-enabled) operation, enhanced (VR-enabled) experience and physical interaction by the player/viewer/user with AR and VR in a Mixed Reality (MR) experience and operation.

MRESENCE technology as Managed Service is best suited for improving the productivity of operation and enhancing the experience of applications where the operation and experience involves geographical dispersion of available resources, the emergency of situations and the “urgency of now”.

MRESENCE collapses physical barriers and distances to deliver presence in Mixed Reality for a very close approximation to the real experience of being in one same physical space in real time.

It is the next best thing to being there while enjoying a resourceful, productive and even emotive work or living experience.

For greater clarity, Presence has to do with people being together and doing things in the same physical space in real time.

  • >> Mixed Reality is a combination of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Physical Reality.
  • >> Presence in Mixed Reality Is the experience of Presence without being in the same physical space yet in real time.

MRESENCE offers many advantages over regular Presence as we know it, notably

  • >> MRESENCE is without physical boundary
  • >> MRESENCE allows for Augmentation of experience or reality with available data and other digital assets

One can have presence in Mixed Reality or MRESENCE and be mresent in participating in events and situations such as

  • TeleMRedicine

TeleMedicine with MRESENCE 24x7 Family Medicine provided across time zone by registered physicians to patients anywhere on the Internet Fast and easy set-up for consultation Enhance Healthcare reach & availability Greatly reduce overall HealthCare costs.

  • CollaboMRation

Collaboration with MRESENCE Communicate Share Interact Collaborate in ARVRREAL Vision. Expert sees what the Field Personnel sees at remote job site. Field Personnel gets Expert’s Advice, Instructions and even Handholding to get job done.

  • ConfeMRence

Conference with MRESENCE. For Family Gathering to allow Effective Interactions and Even empathy with loved ones across the globe in real time. Being in their midst, You can talk with them, Laugh with them, Touch them, Hug & Kiss them. MRESENCE is the next best thing, short of being there physically. Business Conference with MRESENCE Involving Individuals, Groups of Participants geographically dispersed across the globe in real time in AR, VR and Real Production of Images and Interactions, Demonstration and Detailing Individuals and Participants wearing QiiQ can switch with Gaze Control from one VR Streaming Channel to another as required for viewing, dialogue and interactions with one another.

  • MRearning

On-Line Learning with MRESENCE Fastest Way of Setting up an AR-enabled teaching class for audience worldwide. Participant is mresent in the Kitchen instant posting of recipe and tips. Dialogue and Q&A in real time. MRESENCE is the fastest, easiest and very affordable way for setting up presentation to worldwide audience for instructions of any kind.

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