Augmented Reality & Industrial Manufacturing Plant

AR-enabled Industrial Manufacturing Unit

The industrial manufacturing industry are key users of Augmented Reality technology.
AR is already in use in various situations on the industrial manufacturing plant floor, driving operational efficiency by reducing production downtime, quickly identifying problems, and keeping processes moving:

To solve Daily Shop Floor Problems

When it comes to addressing the pain points that your manufacturing organization faces on the shop floor everyday, your teams need real-time access to the challenge in order to fix the solution, whether they are on the shop floor or across the country.

With augmented reality technology, your manufacturing operations employees can directly show problems to your engineers and maintenance teams, view KPIs in real-time, and analyze and resolve the issue without disrupting production.

Streamline Production Downtime

When your manufacturing organization faces production downtime due to a broken part or machine, it could costs your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. By implementing an augmented reality technology solution, your team can quickly react to downtime and quickly identify the machine part that needs attention. With augmented reality solutions equipped on mobile devices on the shop floor, your employees can visually identify the problem that needs to be resolved.

View Necessary Machine Data

With augmented reality technology, your shop floor team can view information regarding a manufacturing machine or part, and its current performance. With an augmented reality enabled mobile app, your production team can scan QR codes to view live video feed, images, or graphics to use or repair a machine and its parts.
For example, Lockheed Martin is currently experimenting with AR-enhanced glasses that instruct their engineers on how they should exactly build and repair their F-35 aircrafts. With the information and data they need right in front of their eyes, Lockheed Martin engineers are able to be educated on the spot, and ensure all parts have been implemented correctly.

Access the Resources Your Team Needs

Mobile AR-technology allows your organization to access visual communication tools, resources and manuals, and address problems with a technician on mobile video to remedy the issue. With AR-enhanced mobile tools, your company can save money by alleviating the need for maintenance and technicians to travel on-site daily, and save money that is spent trying to find ways to patch an issue until a technician is available to fix the part.

Manage Reports and KPIs

With augmented reality technology, your production team on the shop floor can add photos and videos to a report on their mobile device for review, instead of taking time to write about the issue. By snapping a photo or recording a video for a few seconds, your employees spend less time manually filling out forms, and more time fixing the issue and getting processes moving.

AR-enhanced mobile technology can help your industrial manufacturing company speed up production, enhance communication and collaboration, and provide accurate data and reports.

VIVE and its alliance partners in the AR technology space are able to work with industrial manufacturing plants to implement AR-enabled solutions to greatly enhance plant operation in all the aspects above-mentioned.