AR-enabled Shopping Apps


The retail landscape is overcrowded and customers are becoming desensitized to traditional marketing methods. That's where augmented reality comes in. As shoppers turn to a blend of online, mobile, and bricks-and-mortar shopping for their convenience, brands and retailers are having to think of new and innovative ways in which they can capture customer attention.

Augmented reality has the power to bring an image, product label or even shop window to life. Customers can see brands and their stock in a new way and engage with them on a completely new level.

It's creative, innovative, and it works. Customers are lapping up AR integration in store and brands are beginning to take note.

Notable examples of great applications of AR are the following:

  • AR-enabled APP for Trying on clothes.
    It allows shoppers to virtually try on their purchases quickly and easily.
  • Augmented Reality Makeup Mirror
    It takes an image of a shopper's face, before showing them what the latest cosmetics products will look like on their face
  • Apparel company use AR to make finding the perfect product in the right colour easier than ever before
  • IKEA's App for Augmented Reality catalogue It enables shoppers to visualize how certain pieces of furniture could look inside their home. Not only that, but the App measures the size of the products against the surrounding room and fixtures to offer a true-to-life size where possible
  • IBM's AR App that provides shoppers with personalized info whilest browsing store shelves Research by IBM showed that 58% of consumers want to get product information in-store before a purchase, and that 19% of customers will browse mobile devices whilst shopping. To address this consumer need in a way they are using, IBM launched their AR app. Acting like a personal shopper, it uses augmented reality technology to provide shoppers with personalized information whilst browsing the shelves.
  • Converse Shoes use AR to allow shoppers to try on shoes digitally The Converse Sampler iPhone App uses augmented reality to allow shoppers to virtually try on any trainer from their range, simply by pointing their phone at their leg. Customers simply select a shoe from the app's catalogue and see it appear on their foot.
As we can see then, there are a whole host of examples of augmented reality being used in retail. Whether it is to sell a product or simply have a little fun, AR is something all brands and retailers can use.

VIVE can undertake the design, development and production of AR-enabled Apps to meet your specific objectives.