PizzzAR anyone?

Remember how you used to buy ad space in print media full-page, 1/2 page, 1/4 page and what you do buying ad banner in on-line media?

Now move over low tech !


It is delicious, high efficacy, super cost efficiency way to advertise/ promote your wares and services worldwide.

The top surface of a Pizza Box is a very valuable ad space.

You can divide it up into 25 equally-sized squares (5 across and 5 down) or 36 equally-sized squares (6 across and 6 down). Each square is printed with the advertiser’s logo or an image that highlights their wares and services. The printed square is used as Marker or Target to trigger AR (Augmented Reality) Production.

What is AR? It is augmentation of experience with an event or activity by layering of additional data or digital assets over the physical reality of the regular experience.

An app is first installed in a Smartphone (either iOS or Android compliant) to run in it. The consumer simply points the camera of the Smartphone at a Marker of interest to trigger the presentation of AR Production.

The AR Production can be an ad presentation that consists of any number of pages of texts, images, videos, audios or an incentive of sorts – discount vouchers etc.

Making change, update, improvement can all be made in the cloud-based service platform easily - it's a breeze!

Data collection on viewer preference etc. with intelligent Big Data Analyses give you an excellent purview of your advertising operation in terms of measurement and productivity.

Now just let your enterprising imagination run wild to come up with all possibilities of promotion and monetization.

Think what you want to make a 3”x 3” Marker to become and how it can be used for promotion of anything by anyone to anyone (after all everybody loves Pizza)

Ecocarrier AR/VR/MR Business Unit offer PizzzAR as a managed service. All you need to be able to do is find the use for PizzzAR and the corporate advertisers to take advantage of the service.

All you have to do is SELL, Everything else is WELL DONE!

To become a PizzzAR promoter, please write to sales@pizzzar.com