Presence in Mixed Reality

Presence has to do with people being together and doing things in the same physical space in real time.
Mixed Reality is a combination of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Physical Reality.
Presence in Mixed Reality Is the experience of Presence without being in the same physical space yet in real time.



Ecocarrier has developed the technology for MRESENCE™ and is making it available to individuals and businesses as a Managed Service from a cloud-based server to cater to various industry operations such as:

  • TeleMedicine in a service named TeleMRedicine or TeleMedicine in Mixed Reality.
  • Business Video Conference in a service named MROWOWS or Conference in Mixed Reality.
  • On-Line Medicine in a service named MRedicine or Medicine in Mixed Reality.
  • On-Line Learning in a service named MRearning or Learning in Mixed Reality.

Presence in MR or MRESENCE™ offers many advantages over regular Presence as we know it!

  • • MRESENCE™ is without physical boundary.
  • • MRESENCE™ allows for Augmentation of experience or reality with available data and other digital assets over and above both the physical and virtual reality of people doing things.

Participants in a MRESENCE™ event communicate, interact, collaborate with one another and share digital information and other digital assets with one another across the globe and in real time.



The components that enable MRESENCE™ consist of:

  • • QiiQ ARVRREAL, a cloud-based service platform powered by MRESENCE™ proprietary software.
  • • QiiQ, a HMD (Head Mounted Device installed with a iOS or Android-compliant Smartphone that is embedded with MRESENCE app™.
  • • Q08 a 360-degree Camera.

MRESENCE™ is a Solutions-as-a-Managed Service (SaaMS). It is very easy and fast to set up and very affordable.

With MRESENCE™ one achieves the greatest Efficacy and Cost Efficiency in work operations for:

  • • Expert & Field Personnel Collaboration.
  • • Business Conference.
  • • On-Line Learning.
  • • TeleMedicine.
  • • Family MeetUp across cyber space complete with expression of empathy in VR.